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A sabbatical journey to Cameroon took Elizabeth Geitz over the threshold of the fledgling Good Shepherd Home Orphanage where, in short order, she was embraced by its founder, Sister Jane Mankaa, and the AIDS orphans in her care. The protective gear she packed for the trip was no match for the infectious love she met.

Soon Elizabeth answered to a new name, "Mama Lizzie," a modest symbol wholly insufficient to I Am That Childencompass the life‐changing impact of her sojourn among this remarkable community. The stories of those with whom she travelled and among whom she lived unfold in short, lively chapters that take the reader on a fascinating tour. Along the way one learns of African witchcraft, polygamy, cuisine, AIDS and much more through the tales told of and by the remarkable children of The Good Shepherd Home, their indomitable protectress Sister Jane, their countrymen, and their visitors.

Elizabeth Geitz writes lucidly and engagingly of her own privilege and this pilgrimage that brought her to a renewed passion and priesthood. Hers is a story of vocation at its liveliest: the deep discovery of self through the shared discernment that comes only of life in community, where the varied strands of different personalities, gifts, cultures, and experiences are woven into the rich fabric of relationship.

Through one of her characters in Evensong, novelist Gail Godwin maintains that "Something is your vocation if it keeps making more of you." I Am That Child evidences that Elizabeth Geitz found a life‐giving vocation in Cameroon, and leaves one hoping that she'll continue sharing more with us all.

Sam Portaro
Author of Inquiring & Discerning
Hearts; Crossing the Jordan;

and Transforming Vocation

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