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Empty Shoes

“You shall not kill.”    – Exodus 20:13 The Ten Commandments contain some of the most well-known ethical principles in the Bible. Even so, the fifth commandment, “You shall not kill”, is so undervalued in America that there have been more mass … Continue reading

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When Were You the Stranger?

  You know the heart of a stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.                                                       -Exodus 23:9 At different times in our lives, we are all the stranger, standing at the threshold hoping for a word of welcome. … Continue reading

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Why Jump In the Pond?

Why should we care about supporting and educating children in developing countries, when so many children in our own country need help? As a nonprofit entrepreneur building a residential high school in Africa, I am often asked this question. And there … Continue reading

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Temptation of Our Day

Can anyone in America see beyond partisan politics anymore? Have we all become so blinded by the current climate that we can’t even think beyond party affiliation? “So what do you think about yesterday’s NYTimes article on Trump’s alleged tax fraud … Continue reading

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Inhumane Misuse of Holy Scripture, Yet Again

There are times when one cannot keep silent without losing all personal integrity. This is one of those times. Infants and young children seeking asylum in the US are being separated from their parents by US immigration agents at the … Continue reading

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See, I Am Doing a New Thing!

Something magical, liberating, and life-changing happened on Saturday. Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, an African-American divorcee. The stiff upper lip stuffiness of the royals was forever wed with a young woman who dared to declare to the world, “This is … Continue reading

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There’s a Movement Afoot

Political authorities are anxious. There’s a movement afoot. Hierarchical norms are being threatened. And by whom? A young upstart, a radical who refuses to follow their long-held rules, who speaks of a new way, a better way that bypasses familiar … Continue reading

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The Good, Bad, Loud, and Violent

I could feel it the moment I walked into the stadium. Big money, high stakes, and testosterone. The choreography of the day rivaled that of the best Broadway musical. From start to finish each second of the NFL game was … Continue reading

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Two Countries

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Okay, so I borrowed that first line. But it was. And it is. Some things are universal. History repeats itself. Over and over. In the last six weeks … Continue reading

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Just One More Step

Standing high on a hill on the banks of the Ohio River, looking across at the state of Kentucky, history was coursing through my veins filling me with a sense of time past and time present. As both crowded my … Continue reading

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