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A nonprofit entrepreneur, Episcopal priest, and columnist, Elizabeth Geitz's books have been hailed by people as diverse as Desmond Tutu, John Berendt, Helen Prejean, and Phyllis Tickle. With a focus on spirituality and justice issues, her writings speak to people of passion who want to make a difference in the world.

Elizabeth is the author of six books and co-editor of the ground-breaking Women’s Uncommon Prayers. She is a recipient of the Polly Bond Award from Episcopal Communicators, the 2007 Distinguished Alumna Award of the General Theological Seminary, and serves as Honorary Canon of Trinity Cathedral, Trenton, New Jersey. In addition, she is Co-Founder and Chair of Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation (Good Shepherd SLF).

Elizabeth is honored to be a direct descendant of the Reverend John Rankin of Ripley, Ohio, a famous Underground Railroad Conductor who helped over 2000 runaway slaves between 1823-1850 cross the Ohio River into Ripley and on to freedom farther north. Her own passion for justice began in 1985 when she established a high school equivalency program for women on welfare in inner-city Trenton. Struck by the insidious effects of racism, sexism, and classism on her students, she was determined to make a difference in their lives.

A trip to Cameroon, West Africa extended Elizabeth’s commitment to women and children in one of Africa’s least known countries. Her latest book, I Am That Child, is a riveting memoir of her journey to the Good Shepherd Home for Children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic.

Following publication of I Am That Child, Elizabeth felt called to establish Good Shepherd SLF to build Good Shepherd Academy in Cameroon, a bi-lingual secondary/high school for 350 residential students which will serve students throughout Cameroon, with first priority given to children of the Good Shepherd Home. Today, she works full time for this Academy that will transform the lives of many Cameroonian children.

Elizabeth and the board of Good Shepherd SLF work in partnership with Sister Jane Mankaa, who established the Good Shepherd Home in Cameroon, to bring this vision to reality. For more information on this exciting venture, visit

Elizabeth lives on Stony Brook Farm in the mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Michael, an avid outdoorsman. They have two grown children, Mike and Charlotte, a son-in-law, Greg, and a beautiful gradndaughter.

meeting with cameroonian officials november 2012Photo: Meeting with Cameroonian Prime Minister Philemon Yang in his office in Yaoundé, Cameroon

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