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These ready-to-launch projects
were created and implemented
by readers of I Am That Child!

Clip a Dollar for Epilepsy

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Clip a Dollar for Epilepsy

Join the "Clip a Dollar for Epilepsy" campaign for children with epilepsy of the Good Shepherd Home for Children with Special Needs in Batibo, Cameroon. This program was developed by reader, Deborah Sharp Loeb, mother of a son with epilepsy who was moved to help others like her child. This program is intended for use primarily by churches or faith institutions, but can be adapted easily for schools, books clubs or study groups.

Information is provided in two formats. Format #1 can be used as a bulletin insert, printed front and back. Format #2 can be used as a folded card to be placed in the pew. For both options, clip a paper clip to the insert/card; participants just clip it to their dollar bill and put it in the collection plate. That's it! Read on for more info about this devastating illness and how YOU can make a difference!




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