Save me from waiting!

Do you ever find yourself remembering words of wisdom from one of your parents, often repeated during your growing up years? I know I do, and often. Not that all their words were wise, but many were. My mother often used to tell me, “All things come to those who wait.” I guess patience was not one of my virtues, even then.

Waiting has never been easy for me. In the Christian calendar Advent is the season of waiting, but that’s only four weeks a year. What about the other forty-eight? Save me from waiting!

For me waiting often means worry, fear that things won’t turn out the way I hope, and at times – out and out pessimism. Most recently, I was waiting to hear if I had the right publisher for my newest book, I Am That Child, a spiritual memoir of my journey to an African orphanage very dear to my heart – the Good Shepherd Home for Children in Cameroon.

As I waited, I worked and researched and worked some more. Not sure that my former publisher was right for this book, I combed the internet to find just the right one, sent query letters and contacted agents. Seven months later, I was certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that Morehouse Publishing, my first publisher, was still the very best publisher for my new book. I am blessed that they agreed!

Liberal books written from a Christian perspective are not as common as those with a more conservative focus and I was not willing to compromise on issues I deemed critical to understanding why there are so many African AIDS orphans today. Like the criminalization of homosexuality in Africa. Like  male sexual domination of women. Like the legalized existence of polygamy. Each of these issues has exacerbated the AIDS pandemic and contributed to the approximately 15.7 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa whose parents have died of AIDS.

I hope you’ll read my book when it’s released in January 2012 by my new/old publisher. In the meantime remember, all things can come to those of us who wait if we stick to  our principles and keep working toward our goal in the meantime. Come visit Sister Jane Mankaa and the orphans of the Good Shepherd Home by clicking on the map of Africa below. You’ll be glad you did!

Any words of wisdom you remember?

At the Good Shepherd Home in Cameroon with Ambe, 2008

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  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    I so enjoy reading your blogs. You are a true insparation and I thank you!
    For as long as I can remember my mother would tell me to, “treat people the way you want to be treated”. As a parent I tell my children, “the only thing that matters is what the Lord thinks of you – make good choices”.

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